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To help keep kids reading over the summer, the Library helps families track what they read and rewards young readers for their efforts. This summer’s theme is Build a Better World.

What’s New with Summer Reading This Year?

In the past, kids earned rewards for every five books they read. This year, instead of small toys (too often destined for the trash!), kids will earn invitations to special events as well as Spirit Sticks, collectible patches for their backpacks.

If you participated last year, you will also notice another change. This year,  attending educational programs at the Library helps you earn rewards too.

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Digital vs. Paper?

Last year we debuted our new online reading log, Beanstack. This year, Beanstack’s back!

If you prefer all things digital, ditch the paper log for a free account that allows you to track multiple children’s reading with a single log-in. You can also sign up for personalized book recommendations by email.beanstack logo

How to Register for Beanstack

  1. Visit
  2. Did you sign up for an account last year? If yes, use the menu in the upper right corner to log in. Once you log in, you’ll be asked to update each child’s information from last year. You will also be automatically enrolled in this year’s Summer Reading Program.
  3. If you’re never had a Beanstack account, click register.
  4. Fill in the required fields. Only one account per email address. You will be able to add multiple children of different ages later.
  5. You will now see the 2017 Summer Reading Program dashboard. This is where you can track your progress towards earning rewards and digital badges.
  6. Click “Switch Readers” to add additional children.
  7. To receive personalized book recommendations, click “Personalize” and select your child’s reading level and interests (what topics, types of characters, and genres they like to read).

How to Log Books and Activities

  1. Click “Log Reading and Activities”
  2. Select “Book” or “Event.”
  3. For books, type the title and author of the book you’ve read. Title suggestions will appear as you are typing. However, these suggestions do not reflect all the books a child could read. Don’t worry if your title doesn’t appear in the suggestions.
  4. Click “Log”.
  5. For events, type the name of the event, select an event type, and type the date of the event. Then, click “Log”
  6. View your Reading and Activity Log by clicking “The Log” to see what a reader has logged. This log displays only the books and events for the reader whose name appears on the left side of the screen.
  7. Click “Switch Readers” to switch to a different child and log their reading.
  8. You will be notified automatically upon logging a book or event if you qualify for a badge or reward.
  9. Only books and events logged between June 19th and August 13th will count towards summer reading rewards.

engineer your dreams badgeHow to Earn Rewards and Badges

  1. Register a child entering grades K through 6th between May 19th and July 21st.
  2. Log five books between June 19th and August 13th to earn “The Reading” digital badge. Stop by the Library to pick up your invitation to the end of summer party and “Reading Counts” Spirit Stick.
  3. For every event you attend and log between June 19th and August 13th you will earn a different, exclusive Spirit Stick patch.

Important Dates

Please note, only Emerson residents can participate in the Summer Reading Program.

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