Public Meeting Room

The Board of Trustees of the Emerson Public Library wishes to encourage the widest possible community use of the Library Public Meeting Room. Priority is given to Library events, then other borough functions, and finally to community service and non-profit organizations.  Meetings should be of an educational, cultural, artistic or literary or public service nature. The room will be available on equal terms regardless of beliefs of affiliations; however, this is not an endorsement of the group or its policies and beliefs of the Library.

In accordance with Borough Ordinance 1226, each group must sign a Hold Harmless Agreement.

Meetings are to be held during Library hours unless special permission has been granted. There is no fee charged and all meetings should be free to the public or charge only a nominal fee to cover expenses of the program. No selling of any items permitted.

All groups shall leave the area in the same condition in which it was found. Tables and chairs must be set up by the group.  Each group assumes liability for personal, property, or other damage including the rest room and foyer, without liability on the part of the Library. Where children under 18 are present, the group must provide adult supervision of 1 adult to 10 children. All fire laws are to be complied with. No smoking is permitted. Refreshments and non-alcoholic beverages can be served only with special prior approval.  No programs or events producing any noise interfering with the operation of the Library is permitted. No provisions are made for storage of any equipment. No materials may be exhibited in such a manner as will deface the walls.

Adequate notice should be given for cancellations other than those due to weather. The Board of Trustees reserves the right to terminate use of Library facilities for violation of any of the above rules.

Applications for use of the Meeting Room may be obtained at the circulation desk. Please have a staff member check the library calendar for date availability prior to submitting an application.

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