August Adult Events

New Movie Matinee

Will resume on September 4th.

Have a wonderful summer.

Great Books Program

Wednesday, August 14
Tocqueville: The Power of the Majority


First Thursday Mystery Book Group

Thursday, August 1 at 7 pm

Beyond Absolution by Cora Harrison



September Adult Events

New Movie Matinee


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Great Books Program

 September 11 and 25

Shakespeare:  Othello



First Thursday Mystery Book Group

Thursday, September 7 at 7 pm

Glass Houses by Louise Penny



Kindergarten Summer Reading

Kindergarten Summer Reading PDF


Bear’s New Friend                                  P Wilson

Join Bear and his buddies on this rhyming adventure as they discover a shy new friend.

Brownie and Pearl Grab a Bite             P Rylant

Brownie and her pet cat, Pearl, enjoy their healthy lunch of apples, milk, crackers and cheese.

Children Make Terrible Pets                  P Brown

Check out this rollicking, humorous, and heartwarming twist on the classic “first pet” story about a young bear and her favorite pet boy!

Dazzling Travis                                           P Diaz

When some of the kids on the playground begin to pick on him, Travis truly dazzles. This empowering story encourages both boys and girls to challenge the social norm, revealing their true selves.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late    P Willems

Needing to brush his teeth, a bus driver asks the reader to make sure the pigeon goes to sleep on time.

How Do You Feel?                                            P Browne

How do you feel? Sometimes you feel happy, sometimes sad. At times you feel curious, but that may be followed by feeling . . . Surprise!

I Wish You More                                           P Rosenthal

Wishes for curiosity and wonder, for friendship and strength, laughter and peace. Whether celebrating life’s joyous milestones, sharing words of encouragement, or observing the wonder of everyday moments, this sweet and uplifting book is perfect for wishers of every age.

 Just Ducks                                                             P Davies

The young girl in this story may live in the city, but outside her window there’s a river full of mallard ducks! She hears them as soon as she wakes up, and on the way to school she sees them upside down bobbing for food.

 Just Read                                                             P Degman

Rhyming text celebrates reading in its many forms as it follows a diverse group of children who read wherever and whenever they can.

 Kindergarten Rocks!                                             P Davis

Dexter already knows everything there is to know about kindergarten. His big sister, Jessie, told him all about it. So Dexter is not scared. Not even a little bit. But his stuffed dog, Rufus, is scared. Actually, he’s terrified. But Dexter–er, Rufus–has nothing to fear: As he’ll soon find out, kindergarten rocks!

 Knuffle Bunny                                                   P Willems

Trixie, Daddy, and Knuffle Bunny take a trip to the neighborhood Laundromat. But the exciting adventure takes a dramatic turn when Trixie realizes somebunny was left behind.

 The Leaf Men and the Brave Good Bugs                   P Joyce

 The Leaf Men must find a way to save a glorious but endangered garden and the kindly old woman who tends to it in this classic picture book.

Miss Mingo and the First Day of School                     P  Harper

Miss Mingo helps all of the animal students in her class overcome their shyness on the first day of school by encouraging them to share something special about themselves.

My Many Colored Days                             P Seuss

Children’s picture book by Dr. Seuss about color and moods.

 The Night Before Kindergarten                P Wing

It’s the first day of school! Join the kids as they prepare for kindergarten, packing school supplies, and posing for pictures.

The Night Library                                    P Zeltsler

After a young boy goes to sleep upset that he’s getting a book for his birthday, he’s visited in the night by Patience and Fortitude, the two stone lions who guard the New York Public Library.

 Franklin and Luna go to the Moon                                 P Campbell

Luna’s best friend, Franklin, is a dragon. Together, they love to read stories about everything from trampolining to deep-sea diving. One day, while they are reading about fascinating creatures and their origins, Franklin begins to wonder where he is from.

 Pretend                                                           P Plecas

What could have been a quiet afternoon at home turns into an adventure for Jimmy and his dad. Their couch turns into a boat! The staircase becomes a mountain! And blankets become a cozy hut, just right to cuddle inside. The one thing they don’t have to pretend is how much they love one another.

Waiting is not Easy                                   P Willems

Piggie tells Gerald she has a surprise for him, but it’s not there yet so Gerald must be patient.

 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt                         P Rose

Brave bear hunters go through grass, a river, mud, and other obstacles before the inevitable encounter with the bear forces a headlong     retreat.

Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate                                 P MacFarlane

Eleanor uses her imagination to become a princess, a pirate, musician, superhero, ballerina, ninja, and more.

Ladybug Girl                                                 P Soman

When Lulu puts on her ladybug costume, she becomes Ladybug Girl, a superhero who uses her imagination to have adventures right in her own backyard.



Edible Colors                                                        J 535.6 Bas

With a combination of unusual foods and a kaleidoscope of colors, this concept book shows that not all foods have to look the same way. A banana can be red, broccoli can be purple, and cherries can be yellow and still taste just as delicious.

Let’s Meet a Dentist                                          J 617.6 Heo

Have you ever had a toothache? Or gotten your teeth cleaned? Dr. Florez could help you out! She’s a dentist, and today she has an office full of curious visitors. They try out her dentist’s chair and look at X-rays of teeth. They also learn how she helps patients keep their teeth clean and healthy. Hooray for dentists!

Me…Jane                                                                        JBiog. Goodall

Holding her stuffed toy chimpanzee, young Jane Goodall observes nature, reads Tarzan books, and dreams of living in Africa and helping animals.

Swirl by Swirl; Spirals in Nature                  J 811.54 SID

A Caldecott medalist and Newberry Honor-winning poet celebrates the beauty and value of spirals. What makes the tiny snail shell so beautiful?

Snowflake Bentley                                                J Biog. Bentley

A biography of a self-taught scientist who photographed thousands of snowflakes in order to study their unique formations.

A Trip into Space                                                J 629.4 Hou

A lively, rhythmical story and detailed illustrations take readers on a trip to the International Space Station, where astronauts work, sleep, and walk in space!

On a Beam of Light                                       J Biog. Einstein

Travel along with Einstein on a journey full of curiosity, laughter, and scientific discovery. Parents and children alike will appreciate this moving story of the powerful difference imagination can make in any life.



1st Grade Summer Reading

1st Grade Summer Reading PDF


Art and Max                                P Wiesner

Max and Arthur are friends who share an interest in painting. Arthur is an accomplished painter; Max is a beginner. Max’s first attempt at using a paintbrush sends the two friends on a whirlwind trip through various artistic media, which turn out to have unexpected pitfalls.

Gondra’s Treasure                                     P Park

Gondra, a little dragon, celebrates her uniqueness while talking with her parents about differences between her father’s homeland in the East, and her mother’s in the West.

Eleanor Wyatt Princess and Pirate                                       P MacFarlane

Eleanor uses her imagination to become a princess, pirate, musician, superhero, ballerina, and more.

Because                                              P Willems

A series of events, some seemingly very insignificant, lead to a young girl attending a life-changing concert.

Give Thank You a Try                         P Patterson

Sweetly illustrated scenes from a variety of artists show children saying “Thank You” for simple gifts like tickles, ice cream, and Mommy and Daddy’s love, reminding us of all we have to be grateful for.

Most Marshmallows                            P Watkins

Most marshmallows like to watch television and lead normal lives–but marshmallows dream of greater things.

I Do Not Like Books Anymore!                                        P Hirst

With her one-of-a-king voice and wonderfully droll artwork, Daisy Hirst captures the familiar frustration of struggling to learn something new and the particular pride that comes when you finally succeed.

Mixed: A Colorful Story                                   P Chung

A Yellow, a Blue, and a never-before-seen color might just save the day in this inspiring book about color, tolerance, and embracing differences.

How Rocket learned to Read                  P Hills

Follow along as Rocket masters the alphabet, sounds out words, and finally learns to read all on his own.

Here Comes the Garbage Barge                                            P Winter

Teaching environmental awareness has become a national priority. This hilarious book drives home the message that we can’t produce unlimited trash without consequences.

Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig                               J Fic DiCamillo

After Mercy Watson follows the delightful scent and delicious taste of the pansies her thoughtful neighbors plant to beautify their yard, Animal Control Officer Francine Poulet is called out to handle the case, which brings unexpected results.

Penny and her Song                                                       ER H

Penny loves her song. It’s a good song, a really wonderful song. Will it ever be the right time to sing it?

Pete the cat: I Love My White Shoes                                       P Litwin

Pete the Cat gets into colorful adventures while out walking in his new white shoes.

Swimmy                                   P Lionni

A little black fish in a school of red fish figures out a way of protecting them all from their natural enemies.

Where the Wild Things Are     P Sendak

A naughty little boy, sent to bed without his supper, sails to the land of wild things where he becomes their king.

Mousetronaut                                P Kelly

A small, but plucky, mouse named Mike is sure that he can help the Space Shuttle astronauts, and ends up saving the whole mission.

Fiction Series


Annie and Snowball         ER R

Biscuit                                    ER C

Fancy Nancy                       ER O

Flat Stanley                         ER B

Ling & Ting                          ER L

Marley                                   ER G

Mouse Math                   P Mouse Math

Pete the Cat                         ER D

Pinkalicous                         ER K

Splat the Cat                       ER S



The Eagles are Back                            J 598.94 Geo

The American bald eagle, the national symbol of the United States, was once dangerously near to extinction. With the help of dedicated volunteers and decades of hard work, the eagle population made a dramatic comeback. This moving picture book tells the story of one boy who helped in the hatching of an eaglet.

Goal!                                                         J796.334 Tay

GOAL! celebrates the sport’s power to bridge cultural divides and bring together the many and diverse people of the world. Filled with fun facts and striking  photos, this book is a poetic snapshot of soccer around the globe.

My Green Lunch                                           J178 Hor

Eco friendly practices are explained in easy to understand language and supported by age    appropriate concepts.

Statue of Liberty                                    J 974.71 Gol

Interesting facts about the Lady in the Harbor.

Make a Spaceship Your Way                                    J 680 THO

Super simple spaceship DIY.

My Journey to the Stars                                    ER Biog. Kelly

Becoming first a pilot and then an astronaut, along with his brother, the first twin astronauts in history. Kelly’s greatest accomplishment of all was commanding the International Space Station and spending nearly a year in space, which set the record for the longest spaceflight by an American. This story of an ordinary boy who grew up to do extraordinary things will amaze and inspire young readers.

2nd Grade Summer Reading

2nd Grade Summer Reading PDF


The Adventures of Beekle: The Unimaginary Friend             P Santant

This magical story begins on an island far away where an imaginary friend is born. He patiently waits his turn to be chosen by a real child, but when he is overlooked time and again, he sets off on an incredible journey to the bustling city, where he finally meets his perfect match and–at long last–is given his special name: Beekle.

Diary of a Worm                               P Cronin

This hilarious picture book from the bestselling, acclaimed author-illustrator team of Doreen Cronin and Harry Bliss tells the adventures of a worm through his daily diary entries.

Extraordinary Jane                     P Harrison

this delightful and heartwarming story set at the circus shows that quiet qualities like friendship, kindness, and loyalty are important and worthy.

Fancy Nancy Sees Stars                         ER O

Nancy absolutely adores stars. She loves how they sparkle in the sky, and she can even name the constellations. Nancy can hardly wait for her class visit to the planetarium!

Meet me at the Moon                     P Marino

Exquisitely illustrated and supremely comforting, Meet Me at the Moon is a mother and child love story to be enjoyed again and again.

Players in Pigtails                                         P Corey

A winning  picture book about the All American Girls Professional Baseball League–written with sass and style by all-star Shana Corey with illustrations from promising young rookie Rebecca Gibbon.

Randy Riley’s  Really Big Hit            P Van Dusen

Randy Riley is a science genius who loves    baseball although he is not very good at it. He will need to use both of his interests to save his town from a giant fireball that is heading their way.

Sleep Like a Tiger                                          P Logue

In a sincere and imaginative dialogue between a not so sleepy child and understanding parents,  a little girl decides she is ready to sleep warm and strong, just like a tiger.

Here Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed Fly Guy                                             ER A

Buzz is visiting Grandma, and Fly Guy comes along for the ride. Oops! Grandma swallows Fly Guy, then a spider, then a bird, then a cat, then a dog. . . .

The Year of Billy Miller                       J Fic Henkes

Award-winning, nationally bestselling author Kevin Henkes introduces second-grader Billy Miller in this fast-paced and funny story about friendship, sibling rivalry, and elementary school.


Fiction Series

Animal Inn                                     J Series Animal Inn

Amelia Bedelia                             J Series Amelia Bedelia

Annie and Snowball                   ER R

Bad Kitty                                        J Series Bad Kitty

Bella and Harry                            P Manzione

Captain Awesome                       J Series Captain Awesome

Commander in Cheese              J Series Commander in Cheese

Critter Club                                     J Series Critter Club

Flat Stanley                                  J Series Flat Stanley

Frog and Toad                             ER L

Here’s Hank                                 J Series Here’s Hank

Humphrey’s Tiny Tales           J Series Humphrey

Ivy & Bean                                    J Series Ivy and Bean

Marley                                            ER G

My Weird School                        J Series My Weird School

Olivia                                              ER F

Super Turbo                                 J Series Super Turbo



Don’t Talk to Strangers  Online         J 469.48 Mil

Readers learn from a young age not to talk to strangers they encounter in the real world, but they may not understand the danger of talking to strangers online. Accessible text explains why this is unsafe and informs readers of what they should do if someone online says things that make them uncomfortable.

Pocket Full of Colors                             J Biog Blair

From her imaginative childhood to her career as an illustrator, designer, and animator for Walt Disney Studios, Mary wouldn’t play by the rules. At a time when studios wanted to hire men and think in black and white, Mary painted twinkling emerald skies, peach giraffes with tangerine spots, and magenta horses that could fly.

Through Georgia’s Eyes                   J Biog O’Keefe

Georgia O’Keeffe saw the world differently from most people. As a child she roamed the prairie with a sketch pad in her hand, struggling to capture on paper what she saw all around her. At art school she learned to speak in paint on canvas.

What Does Green Mean?                    J 333.72 Web

Readers learn the concepts and vocabulary words (green, eco-friendly, organic) associated with being Earth friendly.

Beautiful Ballerinas                  J 792.8 Dom

Readers will learn all about ballet: the most famous ballets, the positions, the  outfits, the fun and the hard work! It’s not all roses and tutus for ballerinas. Dancing takes hard work and lots of practice.  Beautiful Ballerinas will introduce readers to the beautiful dance of ballet with a mix of both illustrations and photos that will bring the dance to life!

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind                                            J Biog Kamkwamba

When fourteen-year-old William’s Malawi village was hit by a drought, everyone’s crops began to fail. Without enough money for food, let alone school, William spent his days in the library and figured out how to bring electricity to his village. Persevering against the odds, William built a functioning windmill out of junkyard scraps, and thus became the local hero who harnessed the wind.

Brothers at Bat                         J 796.357 Ver

The Acerra  brothers were the longest-playing all brother team in baseball history. They loved the game, but more important, they cared for and supported each other and stayed together as a team. Nothing life threw their way. Could stop them.

If You Had Your Birthday on the Moon                        J 523.3 Lap

If you had your birthday party on the moon, what would it be like? Blast off to an extraterrestrial celebration and find out! This cool picture book combines fun and facts to help kids learn all about outer space.

3rd Grade Summer Reading

3rd Grade Summer Reading PDF


Wishtree                                         J Fic Applegate

Funny, deep, warm, and nuanced, this is Katherine Applegate at her very best writing from the heart, and from a completely unexpected point of view.

Waste of Space                                        J Fic Gibbs

Moon Base Alpha was supposed to be an exciting place to live, but Dash didn’t expect for it to be this exciting. After solving a murder and rescuing the moon base commander, he just wants to have a calm, quiet thirteenth birthday.

Dragon of Doom                          J Fic Coville

Life in the village of Pigbone is boring   until an aspiring magician and his talking toad come to town and ask Edward to help them slay the Dragon of Doom.

Fly High, Fly Guy                                       ER A

Mom and Dad won’t let Fly Guy go along on the family road trip. They’re afraid he’ll get lost. But when Dad accidentally shuts him in the trunk, Fly Guy goes along for the ride!

Flora and Ulysses                  J Fic DiCamillo

New York Times best-selling author Kate DiCamillo comes a laugh-out-loud story filled with eccentric, endearing characters  a novel interspersed with comic-style graphic sequences .

Ivy Takes Care                                                   J Fic Wells

Brokenhearted after her best friend leaves for the entire summer, Ivy rallies and finds herself something new and exciting to do: she hires herself out to look after people’s farm animals and pets while they’re away.

Loser                                                                  J Fic Spinelli

From renowned Newberry-winning author Jerry  Spinelli comes an incredible story about how not fitting in might just lead to an incredible life.

Jack: The True Story of Jack and the Beanstalk       J Fic Shurtliff

Relates the tale of Jack who, after trading his mother’s milk cow for magic beans, climbs a beanstalk to seek his missing father in the land of giants.

One and Only Ivan                                   J Fic Applegate

This unforgettable novel celebrates the transformative power of unexpected friendship. Inspired by the true story of a captive gorilla known as Ivan, this illustrated book is told from the point of view of Ivan himself.

You Go First                                                              J Fic Kelly

Charlotte, twelve, and Ben, eleven, are highly-skilled competitors at an online Scrabble and that connection helps both as they face family issues and the turmoil of middle school.

Egg                                             J Fic Spinelli

Mourning the loss of his mother, nine-year-old David forms an unlikely friendship with independent, quirky thirteen-year-old Primrose, as the two help each other deal with what is missing in their lives.


Fiction Series

Amelia Bedelia                   J Series Amelia Bedelia

Bad Kitty                              J Series Bad Kitty

Diary of a Wimpy Kid     J Series Diary of A Wimpy Kid

Dragonbreath                    J Series Dragonbreath

Galaxy Zack                       J Series Galaxy Jack

Geronimo Stilton              J Series Stilton

Great Mouse Detective   J Series Great Mouse Detective

Ellie Engineer                    J Series Ellie Engineer

Here’s Hank                       J Series Here’s Hank

Horrible Harry                 J Series Horrible Harry

How to Train your Dragon        J Series How to Train Your Dragon

Ivy and Bean                     J Series Ivy and Bean

Junie B. Jones                   J Series Junie B. Jones

Just Grace                          J Series Just Grace

Lulu                                      J Series Lulu

Magic Tree House          J Series Magic Tree House

My Weird School            J Series My Weird School

Never Girls                        J Series Never Girls

Puppy Place                      J  Series Puppy Place

Spiderwick Chronicles    J Series Spiderwick Chronicles

The World According to  Humphrey          J Series Humphrey



Barnum’s Bones                                   J 560.92 Fer

As a paleontologist for the American Museum of Natural History, PT Barnum discovered the first document-ed skeleton of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as most of the other dinosaurs on display there today.

Choose to Reuse                                       J 363.72 Bul

We all throw away too much stuff! Watch Tyler find ways to reuse his old things. Can you think of new uses for items you would have tossed? Do your part to be a planet protector!

Clara and Davie                                     J Biog Barton

Clara Barton became one of the most famous medical practitioners of all time, and founded the American Red Cross.

Team Moon                                             J 629.45 Thi

The true story of the sheer magnitude of this feat but also the dedication, ingenuity, and perseverance of the greatest team ever-the team that worked to first put man on that great gray rock in the sky.

Hachiko: the True Story of a Loyal Dog                       J 636.7 Tur

Imagine walking to the same place every day, to meet your best friend. Imagine watching hundreds of people pass by every morning and every afternoon. Imagine waiting, and waiting, and waiting. For ten years. This is what Hachiko did.

Here Come the Girls Scouts                     J Biog Low

The amazing, all-true story of the first Girl Scouts and their visionary founder.

Aliens are Coming!                                  J 791.447 McC

The True account of the 1938 War of the Worlds radio broadcast. A picture-book account of one of the most famous pieces of radio history!

Martina, the Beautiful Cockroach    J 390.209 Dee

After reading this sweet and witty retelling of the Cuban folktale, you’ll never look at a cockroach the same way again.

My Family and Me                                          J929.1 Pet

Provides a beautifully simple introduction to the concept of family ancestry.

Fly Guy Presents Space                     ER 520 Arn

During a visit to a space museum, Fly Guy and Buzz learn all about planets, space crafts, space suits, and even dirty snowballs. With straightforward fun facts, humorous illustrations of Fly Guy and Buzz, and vivid photographs throughout, this book is sure to be a hit with budding astronauts.

Starry Messenger: Galileo Galilei                                         J Biog. Galileo

Describes the life and work of the courageous man who changed the way people saw the galaxy, by offering objective evidence that the earth was not the fixed center of the universe.

Reaching for the Moon                                    J Biog. Aldrin

This picture book is Buzz Aldrin’s story, in his words. Wendell Minor’s gorgeous paintings evoke the wonder of space exploration for young readers.

4th Grade Summer Reading

4th Grade Summer Reading PDF


Anyone but Ivy Pocket                              J Fic Krisp

Ivy is called to the sickbed of a dying duchess and is charged with delivering a mystical diamond necklace to the utterly revolting Matilda Butterfield for her twelfth birthday.

Bob                                                                J Fic Mass

Wendy Mass and Rebecca Stead, two masterminds of classic, middle-grade fiction come together to craft this magical story about the enduring power of friendship.

Fish in a Tree                                            J Fic Hunt

A novel focused on kindness and being true to yourself. This is a story of a girl named Ally who has mastered the art of hiding her inability to read, until her new teacher shows her she doesn’t need to be ashamed of having dyslexia.

Olga and the Smelly Thing from Nowhere                    J Fic Gravel

Discovering a smelly creature in her garbage can that she names after herself, Olga befriends and studies the eccentric Olgamus using the scientific method, the practices of Jane Goodall and other scientific concepts.

Rosetown                                              J Fic Rylant

From Newberry Medalist Cynthia Rylant comes the charming story of nine year old Flora Smallwood and the eventful year she spends in the quiet community of Rosetown, Indiana.

Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy                                          J Fic Foxlee

Stuck in a museum with her sister and father who is working on a sword exhibit, Ophelia’s curiosity leads her to a locked room where a boy has been trapped for thousands of years. But Ophelia doesn’t believe in magic. Except, she kind of does. She remembers how her mother used to tell her stories of magic.

Waiting for Normal                                 J Fic Connor

Addie is waiting for normal. But Addie’s mother has an all-or-nothing approach to life: a food    fiesta or an empty pantry, her way or no way. All-or-nothing never adds up to normal, and it can’t bring Addie all to home, where she wants to be with her half sisters. But Addie never stops hoping that one day, maybe, she’ll find normal.

Wishtree                                                     J Fic Applegate

A red oak and a crow help their human neighbors work out their differences.

Wonder                                                         J Fic Palacio

August Pullman was born with a facial difference that, up until now, has prevented him from going to a mainstream school. Starting 5th grade at Beecher Prep, he wants nothing more than to be treated as an ordinary kid, but his new classmates can’t get past Auggie’s extraordinary face.

Worst Class Trip Ever                               J Fic Barry

While on a class trip to Washington, D.C., Wyatt and his best friend Matt are positive they have discovered a plot to blow up the White House.

A Boy Called Bat                                J Fic Arnold

When his veterinarian mom brings home a stray baby skunk that needs rehabilitation before it can be placed in a wild animal shelter, Bat, who has austim, resolves to prove that he is up to the challenge of caring for the skunk permanently.

The One and Only Ivan                                 J Fic Applegate

When Ivan, a gorilla who has lived for years in a down-and-out circus-themed mall, meets Ruby, a baby elephant that has been added to the mall, he decides that he must find her a better life.


Fiction Series

The 39 Clues                               J SERIES   

Diary of a Wimpy Kid    

Hocus Pocus Hotel      

Judy Moody

I Survived

Land of  Stories                          J FIC COLFER

Lemony Snicket

Martha Speaks 

My Weird School                            

Percy Jackson & the Olympians  YA RIORDAN


Septimus Heap

The Spiderwick Chronicles

Treasure Hunters           J FIC PATTERSON




Ada’s Violin                                                J 784.206 HOO

A town built on a landfill. A community in need of hope. A girl with a dream. A man with a vision. An ingenious idea.

Disaster Strikes: The Most Dangerous Space Mission of All Time                     J 363.124 KLU

A collection of stories about space missions gone wrong.

Founding Mothers: Remembering the Ladies                          J 920.72 Rob

Discover the incredible accomplishments of the women who orchestrated the American Revolution behind the scenes.

Girl Who Drew Butterflies                                                             J Biog. Merian

Newberry-Honor wining author Joyce Sidman explores the extraordinary life and scientific discoveries of Martha Merian, who discovered the truth about metamorphosis and documented the science behind the mystery in this visual biography that features many original paintings by Martha herself.

Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race                            J 510.92 She

Explores the previously uncelebrated but pivotal contributions of NASA’s African American women mathematicians to America’s space program, describing how Jim Crow laws segregated them despite their groundbreaking successes.

Me, Frida                                                J Biog Kahlo

Like a tiny bird in a big city, Frida Kahlo feels lost and lonely when she arrives in San Francisco . But as Frida begins to explore San Francisco on her own, she discovers the inspiration she needs to become one of the most celebrated artists of  all time.

Little Guides to Great Lives Nelson Mandela                                    J Biog Mandela

Written like a narrative story, these little books are fast-paced and informative. This particular title is about one of the world’s most admired activists and leaders, Nelson Mandela. Little Guides to Great Lives series contain perfect text to picture ratio, captivating illustrations, informative content, and just-right pacing. Plus, theyr’e very well-written.

Primates The Fearless Science of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey, and Birute Galdikas                                                                                                                    J Graphic Ottaviani

Well-told in comic version, this graphic novel captures the intersecting stories and scientific advancements of Jane Goodall, Dian Fossey and Birute Galdikas who have spent their lives studying primates.

Rocket to the Moon                                                                J Graphic Brown

Instead of reading a narrative nonfiction book, get your fact-filled history about the first moon landing in an exciting, well-written, black-and-white graphic novel. Reading this book will help you understand our country’s competitiveness with Russia, the many attempts to launch rockets, and the eventual success of sending astronauts into space.



5th Grade Summer Reading

5th Grade Summer Reading PDF


Doll Bones                                                                                                           J Fic Black

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library                                                     J Fic Grabenstein

The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict                           J Fic Stewart

Fish In A Tree                                                                                                         J Fic Hunt

Graveyard Book                                                                                               J Fic Gaiman

The War that Saved my Life                                                                        J Fic Bradley

Language of Spells                                                                                          J Fic Weyr

Mockingbird                                                                                                      J Fic Erskine

Night on Fire                                                                                                     J Fic Kidd

The War that Saved my Life                                                                        J Fic Bradley

Willa of the Wood                                                                                                J Fic Beatty

Wolf Hollow                                                                                                      J Fic Wolk



Aaron and Alexander                                                                                    J 973.409 Bro

Bomb                                                                                                                   J 624.4 She

Rocket to the Moon                                                                                       J Graphic Brown

Moonshot                                                                                                          J 629.454 Flo


6th Grade Summer Reading

6th Grade Summer Reading PDF

Juvenile Fiction

Dream on, Amber                                                                            J Fic Shevah

The Girl Who Drank the Moon                                                J Fic Barnhill

Inquisitor’s Tale                                                                             J Fic Gidwitz

Lawn Boy                                                                                           J Fic Paulsen

Lost in the Sun                                                                                 J Fic Graff

Masterminds                                                                                   J Fic Korman

Schooled                                                                                             J Fic Korman

Short                                                                                                    J Fic Sloan

Smile                                                                                                    J Graphic  Telegemeier

Snow and Rose                                                                               J Fic Martin

Young Adult Fiction

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time  Indian                     YA Alexie

Because You’ll Never Meet Me                                                    YA Thomas

The Lightning Thief                                                                             YA Riordan

Out of My Mind                                                                                  YA Draper

Stargirl                                                                                                      YA Spinelli

Time Traveling Fashionista                                                            YA Turestsky

What I Saw and How I Lied                                                            YA Blundell


Beyond the Solar System                                                                   J 520.9 Car

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind                                       J Biog Kamkwamba

I Will Always Write Back                                                              J 305.235 Ali


August Kids Events


pile of colorful musical instrumentsMagical Melodies

Mondays at 10:30 am 

Featuring songs, dance, and instruments, followed by a trombone parade with Mr. Chris! Children ages 2-4. Registration required for each date, 5 classes at a time. Free to Emerson patrons! *NEW* Out-of-town patrons will be charged $20 for every 5 classes. Payment is required in advanced.

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July 22
July 29
August 5
August 19
August 26

logo of garden arts for kidsGarden Arts for Kids: Alien Munchie Attack, Grades K-6

Monday, August 5 at 3:00 pm

When Aliens are hungry, what do they eat? Microgreens, of course! We’ll plant tiny seeds of lettuce, radish, celery, and broccoli that are full of rich vitamins to keep their skin a glowing shade of green! Other terrific terrestrial findings complete this super space salad bowl.
Open to Emerson kids only entering Grades K-6. Registration required.

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kids playing with stuffed animalsBaby & Me

Tuesdays at 11:30 am

An introduction to songs, dance and finger plays with stuffed animals and rhymes. Newborn to age 2. Drop-in.
This class practices cognitive and gross motor skills important for early development in a group setting with peers. Perfect for parents and guardians (grandparents too!) to social in a supporting atmosphere.

Space Camp: Astronaut Training, Grades K-6

Tuesday August 6 at 3:00 pm

Discover what it takes to become an astronaut through stimulated activities and try out freeze-dried snacks! Activity stations include edible constellations, we’ll have a moon rock race, and even reach for the stars!
Open to Emerson kids only entering Grades K-6. Registration required.

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Story Laboratory: Constellation Jars, Grades K-6

Wednesday August 7 at 3:00pm

First we will read the book, “Star in the Jar”, then we’ll make a constellation jar!
Open to Emerson kids only entering Grades K-6. Registration required.

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Galaxy Party and Ice Cream Social: Invitation Only

Thursday August 8 at 3:00 pm

To earn an invitation to this exclusive event, children of Emerson enrolled is the Summer Reading Program must read 5 books and attend 3 workshops!
This invitation only event is exclusive for the families of Emerson.



After School New Movie

Thursday August 15 at 3:00 pm

We will be showing a newly released family movie “Wonder Park“. Snacks included. Please register.

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Little Astronauts: Alien Puppets, Ages 2-5

Friday August 9 at 10:30 am

Today we will make an alien puppet!
Open to Emerson kids only entering Grades K-6. Registration required.

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Emerson Library will be closed on Saturdays during the month of August.