6th Grade Summer Reading

6th Grade Summer Reading PDF

Juvenile Fiction

Dream on, Amber                                                                            J Fic Shevah

The Girl Who Drank the Moon                                                J Fic Barnhill

Inquisitor’s Tale                                                                             J Fic Gidwitz

Lawn Boy                                                                                           J Fic Paulsen

Lost in the Sun                                                                                 J Fic Graff

Masterminds                                                                                   J Fic Korman

Schooled                                                                                             J Fic Korman

Short                                                                                                    J Fic Sloan

Smile                                                                                                    J Graphic  Telegemeier

Snow and Rose                                                                               J Fic Martin

Young Adult Fiction

Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time  Indian                     YA Alexie

Because You’ll Never Meet Me                                                    YA Thomas

The Lightning Thief                                                                             YA Riordan

Out of My Mind                                                                                  YA Draper

Stargirl                                                                                                      YA Spinelli

Time Traveling Fashionista                                                            YA Turestsky

What I Saw and How I Lied                                                            YA Blundell


Beyond the Solar System                                                                   J 520.9 Car

The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind                                       J Biog Kamkwamba

I Will Always Write Back                                                              J 305.235 Ali


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